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The Texas Offshore Shootout (T.O.S.) is a unique, season long event that caters to the Texas Gulf Coast fishing fleet. There is a $500 Registration Fee to enter the Tournament that includes 1st Place Trophies for the heaviest fish in each category along with a cash prize. There are twelve (12) fish categories and four (4) Optional Side Pot levels ($250, $500, $1,000, $2,500) in each category with a 60/30/10 payout (1st, 2nd, 3rd place). You can register for the Tournament at any time during the year, as well as, enter Optional Side Pots at any time during the year. 

  • Fishing Dates January 1 - October 18, 2023

  • Awards Lunch - October 2023 - Dorado's Dive Club

  • Weighed fish must be caught within the Recreational Fishing Season Only

  • All State and Federal Regulations must be followed

  • ANY Certified Scale works to confirm catch

  • You must submit catch forms via email within 48 hours of weighing the fish

  • Weighed Fish Forms can be downloaded here -> Weighed Fish Forms

  • Weighed Fish Forms are to be emailed directly -> 

    • Please do not leave the completed Weighed Fish Form with the weigh station and/or marina

  • Twelve (12) Optional Side Pot categories for 2023

  1. Amberjack 

  2. Barracuda

  3. Barrel

  4. Dolphin

  5. Grouper

  6. Kingfish

  7. Ling

  8. Snapper

  9. Swordfish

  10. Tilefish

  11. Tuna

  12. Wahoo


  • You can enter the Tournament at any time during the season

  • You can enter  Optional Side Pots at any time during the season

  • Updates will be communicated online via CatchStat 

Texas Offshore Shootout

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