Tournament Rules


The Texas Offshore Shootout is annual, season long offshore fishing competition held each year from January to October. Registration is $500 and can be done by mailing in the Registration Form or online at or thru CatchStat at

Optional Side Pots will pay out top three heaviest fish: The split on payouts are as followed: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place (60/30/10). You must enter the Optional Side Pot p
rior to catching a fish in that specific category and officially entering your catch. Tie breakers (weight) will be decided by who caught the fish first (based on date/time noted on the "Weighed Fish Form". Optional Side Pot categories can be entered multiple times at any time throughout the year. A 10% administrative fee will apply to all Optional Side Pots. Optional Side Pots are $250 - $500 - $1,000 - $2,500 and can be entered online at



There will be no refunds for the Tournament Entry or Optional Side Pot payments after the starting date of the Tournament

Fishing starts 12:01 am (Central time) January 1, 2022 with fishing ending 11:59 pm (Central time) October 19, 2022.
Boats are required to leave from a Texas port and return to a Texas port to be eligible. You do not have to depart and return in the same port. Tournament fishing of any kind is restricted to waters north of the 26-degree latitude line (U.S. waters only).



The following species will be eligible for tournament awards; Amberjack, Barracuda, Barrel, Dolphin, Grouper, Kingfish, Ling, (Red) Snapper, Swordfish, Tilefish, Tuna & Wahoo. Fish caught in non-conformance of tournament rules will be disqualified. Fish cannot be transferred onto another boat for weigh-in. There are no minimum weights to qualify. Fish must arrive at the scales in edible condition, as determined by the Weigh Master. Fish internals may be inspected to ensure no hidden foreign objects were added for weight. 


Teams MUST submit a Weighed Fish Form for each fish weighed in for the Tournament within 48 hours of being weighed, upon return to port. This form must be legibly filled out and signed by the Captain, Angler and Weigh Master and submitted back to the the tournament at - NO EXCEPTIONS. Any team intentionally submitting wrongful information on the weighed fish forms for the purpose of altering tournament standings or results is disqualified from the event, and forfeits any and all entry money, prizes or prize money. In the event there is a tied official weight in a category, the team who weighed their fish first (which is noted on Weighed Fish Form), will be deemed the winner. You can download Official Weighed Fish Forms by clicking this link. 

Participants fish at their own risk, teams are urged to make sound decisions utilizing marine forecasts to assist and taking in the seaworthiness of their own vessel solely deciding on their own when it is safe for their team to fish.


The Texas Offshore Shootout is a non-IGFA, "fun fishing" event where participants agree to fish in a fair and ethical manner. It is the Team's responsibility to comply with all Federal and Texas state laws regarding fishing licenses, size limits, bag limits and any other regulations that may apply. Only fish caught during the recreational fishing season will be acceptable.

Texas Offshore Shootout winners may be subject to polygraph prior to receiving payout. Failure to comply will result in disqualification of the participant and, at the discretion of Tournament Officials, the participant's entire team. Disqualified participants and/or teams forfeit any and all entry money, prizes, prize money, and may be refused entry to future tournaments. 


In consideration for being accepted by the Tournament Organizers for participation in the Texas Offshore Shootout, the Participants hereby release, forever discharge, and agree to hold harmless the Tournament Committee, Sponsors, and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, volunteers, partners, members, the and/or attorneys for any and all losses, claims, or demands of any kind or character whatsoever arising from the negligence or gross negligence of the Releases or from any other cause connected with or occurring during the Tournament. The Participants expressly acknowledge that he/she has received, reviewed, and agrees to abide by the Tournament Rules and this Release. Furthermore, the Participants expressly acknowledge that activities relating to deep-sea fishing are extremely dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury or death. Having so acknowledged, the Participants hereby assume full responsibility for the risk of bodily injury or death due to the negligence or gross negligence of the Releases or any other cause connected with or occurring during the Tournament. 

All disputes, protests, claims, differences or controversies relating to any aspect of the Tournament, including, without limitation, Tournament Rules, must be submitted to the Tournament Organizers/Rules Committee no later than 7:00 am Saturday, October 22, 2022, or are deemed waived. All such disputes must be presented in writing along with a non-refundable fee of $500 cash. All such disputes shall be decided by the Tournament Organizers/Rules Committee and shall be final and binding upon all parties. 

In the event the Tournament Organizers/Rules Committee cannot render or refuses to render a final and binding decision with respect to any dispute, protest, claim, difference, or controversy under review, the matter shall be resolved by binding arbitration under the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association. The decision rendered in arbitration shall be in writing and shall be final and binding upon all parties. The parties shall have no further recourse, except as provided for by the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association. The Participants specifically waive any right to a trial by judge or jury. Arbitration shall be held exclusively in Brazoria County, Texas.


The Participants specifically agree and consent to the use of any photograph, video recording, or audio recording in which they appear or are heard, by the Tournament Committee, for any purpose whatsoever including, but not limited to, resale, advertising, and promotional material without compensation or restriction of any kind.